So January has ended. Yaaayyy!!!! Happy New Month of February! But wait, How are the New Year Resolutions coming along; that is, for those who are into making them? At the beginning of every year, everyone (well,almost everyone) is enthusiastic about their prospects for the year, after all “New Year, New Beginnings”, right? Yeah. So in a bid to start the New Year on a positive note, people make resolutions: to stop smoking, be more spiritual, to eat healthier, lose weight, help others more, and so on.

And as the clock strikes 12.00 am January 1st, people are positive, filled with vigour and a sense of belief that they can make their resolutions reality. For the first few weeks of the year, they live in a haze trying to do what is takes to achieve their New Year goals. But as the weeks and months roll by and the initial resolve becomes slack, many lose focus and ‘fall’ by the wayside.

So I just want to ask, did you make any resolutions in January and how are they coming along? Are you still on track and making progress? Or you have given up already and gone back to your ‘old ways’? You promised to cut back on the number of wraps of fufu you eat but so far, you’ve ‘accepted’ every fufu that came your way. You said you would attend church more often this year but the last time you attended church (not even your regular church) was when your neighbour dedicated their baby last month and you had to attend their church. On January 1st 2015 (just last month; to be more precise), you swore on your unborn babies that you were going to quit smoking but you continue to put yourself in places where you ‘think’ you NEED to smoke or else, God forbid, you might drop dead or something.

Habits take time to drop and form.Resolutions need work. You can’t just relax and expect things to change by some magic. So if you made them already this year, are you putting in the work, considering it’s just the first week of February; or you gave up already?

photo credit: http://www.myfootpath.com



  1. I don’t actually believe on yearly resolutions, one can decide to change at anytime.Change is the only constant thing in life

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