Okay, I’m aware that there are people who do not necessarily have favourite foods; right? Yeah, I’m sure you might know a few of such people. Well, I just want to say to them: ARE YOU FOR REAL??!! How can you enjoy all foods equally? Yeah, don’t talk to me about equality right now please because as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t apply to food jare. People who love ALL foods equally, make me imagine that they rush through the eating process that they can barely tell whether they like a particular food better than the other. I’m not accusing them of having problems with their taste buds (Lord, NO). I just think there are ‘legit’ reasons when someone says they love eating a particular food. And this is because, when they are eating the said food, they are happy, they savour every bite, chew and swallow.
For those of us that have favourite dishes, you know that feeling when you’ve not had THAT food for a while. You look forward to the next ‘meeting’ and it  feels like catching up with a good friend you haven’t seen for ages.

Personally, I LOVE Eba (did u notice the capital letters? OK). The soup isn’t really that important: Vegetable soup, Black soup, Banga soup, Okro soup…(don’t give me Ogbono soup sha). And if I don’t get to eat it for days, hmmm wahala dey o! (LOL).You know they say, “Never say never” right? Well, I’m not too sure that saying applies here sha, because I can NEVER be tired of eating Eba. So over to you (hands you the mic): What is that food, when you think of it (or maybe you don’t even have to think at all), you don’t see yourself EVER getting tired of eating?



  1. I think I have like 2 or so favourite foods,so I love rice(jollof,fried,stew) then I also am in love with eba especially when I get to eat it with ogbono,banga &okazi which are my favourite soups:)

  2. Hmmmm, as for me, it used to be pounded yam, but with the advent of “poundo yam” which I feel reduces d integrity of d meal, but I SWEAR, I LOVE “INDOMIE NOODLES”. I could have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-day snack, anytime and anywhere. no be all those other kpai kpai noodles ooo, indomie noodles is what I am talking about

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