Some things happen to you that make you wonder if friendship is overrated. You wonder what on earth made that friend of yours ‘change’. Maybe it was you that changed; I’m just saying. Well they did say change is the only constant thing in life, right? It is not so common to see friendships that were formed since childhood still alive and kicking (except in Hollywood). Such friendships have stood the test of time and are always envied and admired. The thing is as we go through life, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, the things we seek in friendships are so different so much so that now, when you reflect on some friendships that have ended (for obvious reasons), you ask yourself if you were on crack then? If you knew then what you know now, you definitely wouldn’t have bothered to say hi to some people, let alone labelled them the exclusive term: FRIENDS.

The thing is, we are urged to live life without regret and because each crucial stage in life comes with their peculiar needs and challenges, we cannot be in a haste to be mature overnight. Sometimes it is necessary to have certain experiences in order to build ourselves become better people. The things a teenager looks for in a friendship aren’t necessarily what an adult looks for. The teenage stage is mostly about raging hormones, thrill-seeking, little thought for risks, experimenting, discovering identity, amongst other things. By the time he becomes an adult, it is expected that the hormones would have calmed down (fingers crossed), he’s ‘supposed’ to be focused on being a better person, lover, son, being responsible. His thirst for adventure hasn’t died. Oh no, it hasn’t. That thirst for adventure  had better not die otherwise, what’s the point, right?  Now he just has a modified definition of what it means.

It is important to note that as all these happen, not all his friends would be on the same page, all the time. Those who aren’t will veer off and look for like-minded pals. And the pattern continues…Now take a minute to ask yourself if you have been true to yourself in the friendships you have formed overtime. Has anyone taken you for granted? Have you taken someone for granted? Is there someone in the past who was a loyal and sincere friend that you treated badly? Are you being a good friend to each of the people you call your friends right now. In ten years’ time, do you see yourself being friends with your ‘friends’? Yeah, ask yourself again, how many of your “Day-1 friends” are still by your side?

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  1. Som day 1 frnds r nt frnds nw nt bcos dey had differences,som lost contacts,I’m Stil in touch wit my secondary Skool Frnds though can’t say dey r my day 1 frnds bt dey r d frnds I ve had contact wit 4 a long Tym….nice composition u got…kip it up.

  2. Change indeed is the only thing that’s constant,God help us make wonderful friends that would treat us well and vise versa Amen!

  3. Change really is d only constant thing in life.most of our day one frnds made frnds with us based on wat dey can benefit 4rm us n wen it’s no longer there dey leave,while some pretend to b ur frnd,while some don’t like been told d truth 4 dat reason dey leave,while some lost each others contact.there r so many reasons while day one frnds r no longer by other side.i still v one frnd dats still by my side till date,gud or bad she’s there,we quarrel we fight still we r still best pals,over 10yrs now.there is more to frndship than we think,so many persons do not understand d word FRIEND. Nice one waffichic missed ur write up

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