“…She no want Ferrari
She no want designer
She say na my love o…”

The above words are from Nigerian artiste, Davido’s song, Aye where he claims this particular girl neither wants a Ferrari nor designer ‘thangs’. But wait, what woman doesn’t want a Ferrari? Probably the one that’s got one already. And what woman doesn’t want designer stuff? Please! There is a difference between wanting the good things of life and being materialistic. Since that song came out, these guys have been screaming, “Definitely not a Nigerian girl!” And I say, “That girl doesn’t exist!”
Let’s just be honest here people; it is a natural thing for women to want to be taken care of and pampered especially by their men because that’s just how we are wired. Granted, some women are a tad too materialistic and demanding of their boyfriends slash husbands, but any woman that says she doesn’t like those ‘nice things’ is just a LIAR, plain and simple. As for me, I want Ferrari (or Lambourghini or Range Rover or…) and of course I want designer stuff too; who no like better thing? U know that funny pidgin English proverb that says, “Na man wey no get money dey say beer bitter”? (It’s a poor man that says beer tastes bitter). Right.
Even if I love you, that love wouldn’t survive on just that. Love grows and it needs to be watered and nurtured with different things including gifts and all that stuff girls like (because we are girls). Your love may not necessarily be able to afford a Ferrari or a weekend trip to Paris right now, but if it’s a RAV4 and a trip to Obudu Ranch, I’ll take it; you know what I mean, because it’s the thought and the effort that really counts. It’s laughable how some guys are really quick to call girls that like their men to buy them nice things GOLD-DIGGERS. Such men are just been pretentious, deliberately delusional and hypocritical because, honey if you don’t take care of her, someone else will.

“…She no want Ferrari
She no want designer
She say na my love o…”

If I hear!




  1. Hahaha mehn you are really on point.. A woman is supposed to be taken care of. Nice 1 my dear .I like your style cos u r real and hit d nail on d head..all you said is pure a guy and I believe ur words jare.keeep it up

  2. Hmmmm I believe everything you said tho moreover he used a typical village setting and if you watch well… what that video implied was that she prefers the farmer to the king because she loves him… you quoting from another angle entirely… cheers tho

    1. Really? Since it’s a village setting, what’s a ferrari to a village girl? I’m just calling it as I see it. From the chorus…definitely no girl hates good things. Ferrari or Mercedes.

  3. Lol. I think you may have pushed the point too far the other way. I don’t think there’s any guy put there that can afford stuff that doesn’t like doing it for his girl. Those are tight wads. Buying and doing stuff for your girl is actually a pleasure. The main issue guys have latched onto with the Davido song is that there are far too many girls out there that care about what a guy can buy for them over the substance of the relationship; which is between two people.

    1. Some guys could be really stingy though. Granted some ladies tend to be too materialistic, but then some guys feel girls who ask them for stuff are just after their money. Somme of you guys won’t use your ‘church mind’ and give without being asked glorying in the fact that, “my girl isn’t demanding”. The day she decides to ask,she becomes to you, a changed person and a gold-digger.

  4. Hahahahaha..’She no like ferrari ni…she no like designers ko..u ask me??..true talk sis..nice work!!kip it up

  5. She no want Ferrari
    She no want designer
    She say na my love o……..dis age n stage? D full package is wat I want. If I see more I nor mind o. Gat jst one life! Nice one!

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