At what point in our lives do we become too old for certain things? Little kids are allowed to do a lot of things because that’s what they are: KIDS. But as they become older, naturally it is expected that they stop doing some of those things that marked them out as kids. For example, when a 4 year old girl plays with her dolls; it’s okay. But when a 17 year old teenager plays with dolls, it’s really strange. Also when we see a 4 month old baby sucking on his thumb, we go all soft and we smile because he looks cute. But imagine seeing a 10 year old boy doing the same thing; he’ll always (yeah, always) get stares filled with disgust and comments like, “Aren’t you too old to be doing that?”

Life is essentially made of different phases and each phase is known for certain behaviours. For example, teenagers are known to be hot-headed (not to mention hot-blooded). They are at that stage where they want to experiment with things good, bad and the downright dangerous. And as they leave that stage for the next, which is adulthood, some do so with their heads intact. Others are not so fortunate and live with the scabs and scars of their ill-advised misadventures.

It is necessary that as we move to the next phase of life, certain habits that characterised the former stage should never find their way to the next stage. For instance, it’s not in adulthood that a grown man would start learning how to smoke cigarettes. Imagine a 35 year old man doing that! People would look at him like, “Really, this is what’s on your bucket list? At this stage of your life? What did you do when you were a teenager?” Not that I’m saying all teenagers should smoke, but you know what I’m saying. And that reminds me of that saying about “old dogs and new tricks” but more apt for that case is what my Waffi people would say, “Dem nor dey live life go back”. We live progressively and not the other way round.

Some people don’t really care about all that though. Imagine adult men exchanging blows and stabbing themselves with broken bottles at a bar, over a ‘female homo-sapien’ (as my crazy course mate used to call it back then). Or two cars parked by the side of the road, their owners raining insults on each other with their kids watching. Come on, it gets to a point where we tell ourselves that we are just too old for certain things. Even if you were the Hulk Hogan and Egbe-Wedger of your hood in those days, Haba! Just…chill.

So as you live ‘progressively’, what habits should have been dropped in the former stage, but are presently still being held on to, as if your very life depended on them? And what shameful habits should NEVER find their way into the next phase of your life, in order for you to become the better human that you strive to be? Ask yourself.



  1. Thank u vry much waffi chick for dis butifl rit up…Life is a gift… Any1 still breathing must be Thankful 2 God and live right,seriously! I say dis a number of times to ppl who care 2 listen,Life is 2 short for uneccessary issue’s…Like u rightly said, some habits r meant 2 b dropped as one progresses in life, d habit of “Mr know it all” I cn’t be wrong… tak for an instance two cars parkd face 2 face, each of dem claiming right lane hahahahahaha,it really doen’t make sense,I cn’t imagine myself fight over a man @ dis point of my life,What I didn’t do as a teenager kai “God no go gree” in a nutshell ppl shud jus learn 2 grow up, as a clock thicks evry min counts,Move on 2 d next Level is d watch word

  2. Nice post waffi chic… it’s always very hard to leave some old habits tho but it’s as necessary as we lead through our everyday lives… expecting more post

  3. Nice piece,but then the next questions will be what and when are these habits to be dropped?
    What determines which habits to be dropped,and when they should be dropped?

  4. Totally agree.everyone is expected to go through and overcome each developmental milestone, some do this successfully but some dont.the reason can range from slow growth, lack of awareness, education…etc.

  5. The journey from childhood to adulthood is usually marked with behaviours that through convention, are supposedly peculiar to certain stages of growth. Anyone not in sync with this, is appropriately labelled “Abnormal.” Today i read a story about a 17 yr old boy that’s still breastfed by the mum. Scrolling down to the comments section, i was taken aback by the choice obscenities used by readers to condemn the mother. So far, its had no negative health implication for the boy. If you ask me, i’ll say we quit certain behaviour because we get uncomfortable doing them at a certain stage and decide to stop. The boy still feels comfortable sucking milk from a natural source, abnormal by our standards, but i say LET HIM BE.
    As adults, there are times we allow the child within us come to the surface; some people admittedly have a poor sense of timing/judgement with this *sigh*. And yes, old habits die hard too; Yours truly chewed paper as a child, and i still do to this day. People ask me, “why chew paper?” i simply smile and respond “why not chew paper?”

    1. Hahahaha that’s really enlightening. Letting the child within u to show once in a while is perfectly allowed; and that teenager that still breastfeeds, WOW!

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