I wonder sometimes: why do people feel the need to brag? Do they get a kick out of it? Does it make them FEEL more important? Does it make them THINK that others THINK highly of their social slash financial worth? Does a person who brags display an overflow of confidence or a lack of it?

The dictionary defines bragging as talking boastfully. It usually refers to someone talking with an over-bloated impression of their own self-worth. People brag about different things which may include their job, finances, cars, the number of people they have ‘dashed’ money, the number of girls they have slept with, how many countries they have been to…and so on. Some people feel it is okay to brag about their achievements and even a traditional African proverb credits the lizard with nodding its head and thus praising itself after ‘falling’ from a height, because if it doesn’t praise itself, who will? LOL

Well, yeah but the way some go about it is the focus of this post. To them bragging is like taking shots of an ego-boosting drink, which they are addicted to. And with stuff of that nature, it is difficult to live without it. With this group of people, they NEED to brag because they need to constantly get that feel-good sensation; they need to constantly reassure themselves that they are doing okay. By HEARING themselves talk to others about their possessions and achievements, and by watching the looks of admiration and envy on the faces of their listeners, their ego is massaged and their confidence tank which was previously running on empty, is once again topped up.

The big question is: Does a Braggart show that he is brimming with too much confidence? Or does he in fact unknowingly show that he is masking the pathetic reality of his self-worth? Personally I think it goes both ways and you have to have a very keen sense of perception to detect which is on display. Most times, those people that brag about ‘dumb’ (well…) and inconsequential things are usually the ones that are struggling with self-confidence issues. They always want to be the ‘main attraction’, the one that people SHOULD be listening to. They make sure they always have things to say about THEMSELVES; where they went to last week, who they met, how everyone was staring because they were dripping with swag (yeah right), how they need to  get the latest car in town, how much they splurged at girlfriend number 5’s  birthday party, how ‘babym’ couldn’t get enough of them…*coughs*… sexually, how they just need to travel out of ‘this place’ for a ‘chilling trip’ (to Europe) because ‘mehn’ this Naija sun is too ‘hot’.

The thing is, it is not a question of WHAT is said as much as HOW it is being said. Those brimming with confidence about their self-worth and abilities could still say all those things but in a different and more subtle way. Sometimes it’s after leaving their presence that you realize that there was in fact a hint of gasconade from the conversation you’d just had with them. With the first group, you immediately see when the bragging ‘placards’ and flags are raised and your reaction most times is a mixture of eye rolling (mental or physical), disgust and pity (that is if you are otherwise not brimming with admiration and envy o, ehen). Whereas with the other group of people with too much self-confidence, they just drop subtle hints and may even talk about themselves but their facial expressions, the tone of their voice and how they say what they need to say would never make you think they are being pompous (badt guyz).

The last question is, are you TO BRAG OR NOT TO BRAG? Well, who am I to answer that question for you? What I WILL say is, in all things you do, be humble. And even if it has to do with bragging (in this case), please do your best to brag with humility, if there’s any such thing!



  1. I have a problem with people who brag and I give them my candid opinion even they don’t talk to me afterwards.coz I feel all braggarts are liars #gbam

  2. To me, I dont see brag as self-confidence, its an arrogant, its very common among the black people (African). You dont ve to make noise for people to know who you are.

  3. “The big question is: Does a Braggart show that he is brimming with too much confidence? Or does he in fact unknowingly show that he is masking the pathetic reality of his self-worth?” Obviously most braggarts belong to the second category. They mask the pathetic reality of their self worth in order to gain recognition in the society. Some confident and well to do people actually brag to prove their relavance. To me that’s foolish and unnecessary because “Res ipsa loquitor” the fact speaks for itself

  4. Interesting one. Sumtimes is good to talk abt self worth but we got to be careful, so we dont take it to far n make it seen we reducin pple arnd us
    But i guess alot of pple hate braggin in dis part of the world cos of how sum pple takes it too far.

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