It’s crazy how something happens in a place thousands of miles away and it gets you thinking. It’s been six years already and Madeleine McCann, who was three when she disappeared while vacationing with her family in Portugal, is still yet to be found. I remember watching it on CNN and I almost cried. I thought of how helpless a three year old girl was in the face of kidnap, her parents unable to help her. I thought about her parents’ horror when they discovered she was missing; the frantic calls, the tears…

Six years on and she still hasn’t been found; she would have been nine years old already. It’s just sad to think of the sheer agony her family has gone through and continue to go through. it is sad to think of the six years of family experiences missed including birthdays and school events. With new information emerging regarding the abduction, one can only hope and pray that first of all, the little girl is still alive and that she is finally returned to her parents.

And for those of you that had a normal childhood with your parents or whoever it was that raised you; an innocent childhood that wasn’t disrupted by abductors, it is important you recognise that you indeed have been blessed. Don’t take it for granted because as it is, Madeleine’s parents have sadly  missed out on six years of their little girl’s life; years which they can never get back. And so dear friend reading this, can you imagine being a Madeleine right now, snatched from your family, missing out on family fun and not knowing when and indeed, IF you would ever see them again? Therefore Pause. Recall those childhood memories (sad or happy)  especially those involving your family, Smile and Thank your God.


  1. Can’t imagine my life witout my parents,frnds cos even as old as I am I still want dem around… I hope she’s still alive n wud one day see her parents again.

  2. So sad *tears* in my Eyes, d wicked wil neva go unpurnished one way or anoda nemesis catches up,I hope nd pray d little chap is stil alive and wil smday return home 2 r Family

  3. Huh! Pathetic story,the truth is one wont pray to be in that kinda shoes as a child ,and any parents wont pray for such too…the prayer now is wherever she’s God should direct her steps back home…welldone!!

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