If there is one habit that ticks me off, it is when one looks down on another because of their social and financial status. Words cannot totally capture how annoying I find it because it makes no sense at all. Not that I’m excusing those that come from ‘loaded families’ but what makes this sometimes annoyingly funny is that it is sometimes those who have been ‘soaking garri’ all their lives and have just suddenly ‘hammered’ that put up this nasty behaviour. This person slowly begins (for some others it happens instantly, trust me!) to develop a case of ‘social hallucination’ where they see things that are not really there. They start acting like they are the king/queen of some filthy rich nation, only THEY know about. They literally act like they own you because they now have ‘small change‘.

Someone was telling a story the other day about a friend of his that had just ‘picked’. You do understand what ‘picking’ in this sense means, don’t you? No?? Well, all I’m going to say is the said guy is a ‘G-Boy’ and had just you-know-what. So suddenly, this guy starts painting the town in all colours (so cliché right? Well). The sad thing is that he starts to treat his friends like strangers and whenever they called his phone, he’d be like, “Call me back, I’m busy”. Sadly, some go as far as asking using their friends as errand boys.

Nowhere perhaps is this foolish attitude of looking down on others more displayed than at social functions and especially when food is being served. The way some people take food and serving of food at parties is so…what’s the word…’personal’. Kai! Those people that serve food sha! Some of them need to be flogged with koboko by a ‘Mopol’. They would just size you up and decide for themselves whether you deserved two mighty pieces of chicken or one miserly piece, the size of a Panadol tablet; or whether you even deserved to eat at all! Never underestimate the power of those people, I tell you. True though, some ‘evil’ food servers work according to the instructions of the person that employed their services. The sad thing is that if you are going to NOT serve certain people at your party, then why bother to invite them in the first place? Ok they are good enough to fill up the empty seats but not good enough to be served the food you ‘cooked’ precisely for the guests you invited?

I’m not trying to be dramatic here but you don’t know how many people left your house-warming party, your wedding reception or your birthday party hungrily and angrily; and we all know what they say about a hungry man abi?). And while 5% (okay, maybe a lot more than 5% sha to be honest) of those people really don’t care that they were treated like hungry refugees, 95% of those people have promised to ‘do you back!’ So it becomes a vicious cycle of people plotting and carrying out vendettas and going to bed finally satisfied…or not because then they have to stay up plotting. Now I’m not saying I have the magical cure to the world’s problems but I think treating each person like we would like to be treated would go a long way in righting some of the wrongs in this messed up world we live in. DO NOT look down on others, especially at parties because who knows, at the next party you attend, you might be the one not getting even a sachet of ‘pure water’ to wash down the food you ate by inhaling the aromas! I’m just saying.



  1. You have what many writers will kill for(a voice,and what to say )don’t let it die.good stuff.#lol panadol size chicken#

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