We all know what a long distance relationship is: one between two people who live in separate towns, cities or even countries. But honestly, I have always wondered about ‘that’ kind of relationship . I mean, how do they even work? I don’t know but if I was crazy about a guy, I would love to see him almost every day; hence my fascination  about long distance relationships and great respect for those who are in it. You ‘guys’ rock!

Personally, I have been in one before and initially it was okay… but then as time went by, it began to get boring and sometimes even stifling and frustrating. I am by no means a relationship guru, but what I do know is that, relationships need work to make them…work. Perhaps if we had put in more effort to sustain the spark, it might (or still might not) have worked *shrugs*. What I’ll say is that a long distance relationship is not for everybody. It may or may not be for me; I don’t know. I do know that should I get into one today, I definitely be better prepared to put in my 150% to make it work. It goes without saying that my partner has to be ready to work at it also.

So like I was saying, a long distance relationship isn’t for everyone. I have a friend whom we shall call, Becky and she ended up marrying this guy with whom she had a distance relationship. He was in Lagos and she was in Benin City. Both places are not that far apart, considering; but he visited her twice while she was serving as a Youth Corper in Ekiti state. That ‘relationship’ lasted for like two years before they made it to the altar. In those two years, she visited him only twice; yes TWICE! Today they have a beautiful daughter and she has never been happier in her life.

Some relationships are better if they are long distance, and others are not. Some people prefer that their partners stay far off so they can really build anticipation for their next meeting. You know what they say about anticipation right? This group of people may not want their partner ‘all up in their face’ which might result, if both of them lived in the same city. Others prefer long distance for shady reasons, so to speak; you know what I mean, lol. The other group of people feel more comfortable if their partners live in the same city because to an extent, they would be sure there was no chance of their partners ‘sampling the entire menu’ thousands of miles away.

As in all kinds of relationships, TRUST is key, and especially so in long distance ones. A long distance relationship is neither good nor bad, and you can’t really tell if it’s good for you until you TRY it out. All in all, we should always strive to make our relationships better and more fun for ourselves and our partners. At the same time, we should allow ourselves to be open to different approaches to making our RELATIONSHIPS work.



  1. Hmm.. What a topical issue…To relay my view the truth is, I have hardly gone out with someone around my reach. Most of my past relationships are long distanced and I enjoyed them bcos of that craving anticipation that generates that bonding spark that can fade away easily if I get to see my partner on a more often basis. But I must exert, trust is the key ground on which every relationship must be built not distance or whatsoever. Nice piece

  2. Nice piece….I like the question how do they even work..Long Distance relationship for me is always a gamble…bt like u said it works for some people…Like in relationship matters there is no general rule or formula that works..each has its own distinct nature…what ll work for A might no work for B..
    Overall I like ur conclusion is key in any relationship

  3. In my opinion its suffers a lot and have a lot of sacrifise but still believe in the bible where its says man and woman(husbandandwife) should be together that’s why its says what God has join together no man should put asunder Only 30%

  4. Wow……If am to rate by percentage then Long distance relationship should be 5% forever and a closer relationship 80%….The reason is because I’ve been through both relationships and discovered that generally most men can’t do without women,In a Long distance relationship both parties build their relationship on a blind trust and believe me no one is comfortable with that….While I was into this Distance relationship I noticed that you can easily forget about your spouse for a whole day till its bedtime While on the other hand you always want to know the where about of your spouse if he/she is closer to you which tends to build understanding before and after marriage…….I just ve to stop here bcos its a comment and not a story…..Nice topic and a nice write up thanks

  5. For a distant relationship to work out it needs two things LOVE and TRUST.When i say love i mean Romeo and Juliet’s type 🙂

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