When it comes to love and attraction, what are guys and girls attracted to?  We all have the physical things in the opposite sex that attract us. Some tall guys prefer tall girls, others prefer short girls, just to make them feel manly and like they are capable of protecting her. Some short guys like tall girls because they want to show that they can still ‘bag’ a tall chic in spite of their height …er…deficiency. Other short guys cannot handle being with a tall ‘gal’ because they cannot take the feeling of a girl towering over them, especially in high heels. Some girls (like me) prefer dark-skinned guys and wouldn’t even as much as bat an eyelid if a light-skinned Adonis were standing right in front of them. There are guys who are attracted to slim girls, while others (like my cousin) are attracted to thick girls. And then, there are guys who would kill to have a girl with big boobs, while others simply cannot imagine being with such girls. Some prefer small ones and yet others do not think it is an important factor at all.

 God created us differently and that’s why we cannot all be attracted to the same physical attributes. That is why a guy tells his friend he’s attracted to a particular girl because of, let’s say, her sense of humour. And his friend is like, “are you crazy? She is not even pretty!” In the same way, a another one scolds her friend for falling for a particular guy because “he’s so short!”  Well, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Some people may not even be attracted to obvious things like facial beauty or body type. They may be attracted to silly things like their hands and nails (*raises hand* okay that’s me. LOL), the sound of their laughter and so on.  The whole process of being attracted to someone is so sweet because there are no set rules. “I will be attracted to whom I will!” hahaha. A person does not necessarily set out to be attracted to and fall in love with a particular set of qualities. (maybe some people do, I don’t know). even when they do set out with an ‘Attraction List’, sometimes it doesn’t always happen the way they plan and they end up falling for qualities that didn’t make the list; even qualities they never thought could be called that: QUALITIES. If attraction happens exactly as we have planned in our ‘big’ heads, I don think it’d be fun; and then the element of surprise would be lost. Attraction just happens and that is one of the beauties of falling in love!

As D’Banj says in his song, Fall in Love, “Love is a beautiful thing” and so if you have found love, enjoy it. If you haven’t, keep hope alive…you will surely find it sooner than you even expect. But the beautiful thing is that you might not even realise when it’s happening. It’ll be like a lover tiptoeing to hug you from behind: you don’t know when he’s doing it but when it happens, you’ll LOVE it!



  1. ”Attraction” and ”love” are 2 different thngs, in my opinion. Attraction is d magnetic feelings one gets 2wards d beauty & physical qualities of d opposite sex, in other words, it could mean, love at first sight. It comes naturally in d sense dat d physical qualities can b seen wid d naked eyes. And dese physical qualities are; d face, eyes, lips, hips, legs, dentations, height and sometyms d skin. Getting Attracted 2 some1 wid such physical qualities does not necessarily mean falling in love, it means doing all u can 2 keep in ur possession d carrier of dose qualities because wat u saw probably meets ur attraction list and it becomes ur pride. But Love becomes realistic through d manifestion of interacting and starting a platonic relationship. And d interaction is made possible through d forces of attraction. Love starts 2 germinate in d minds of both sexes because of d constant eye 2 eye interaction. D forces of attraction motives d forces of love, but attraction sometimes does not necessitate love. We could b attracted 2 each other and still do not love one another. Attraction could mean infatuation. Now, d kind of woman dat i am truly attracted 2 must b tall, fair in-complexion, wid beautiful legs, not 2 hippy & beautiful in her own rights cus every woman has her own beauty. Tanks

  2. A̶̲̥̅♏ attracted to guys on  bigside*wink*,buh apart frm that i L♥√ع guys dat smell nice.my first attraction is his smell.

  3. I agree totally..Love always comes when you least expect and in strange places too..that said tho..I still would want her to have a perfect feet..I hate web feets..it’s a great turn off for me even if she has the face of Beyonce..

    Anyways..nicely written..at least we know that we have to have a manicure to win you..*winks*

  4. Well, some people fall in love with the size of the other person’s ears. Lol. Okay I’m just messing with y’all. I have a friend who is in love with a guy’s hard chest and abs. It’s all a little weird to me. As for me, I can’t even say what exactly I like in a girl anymore, cos I’ve liked totally different girls and the girls I’ve fallen in love with have been totally different.

  5. But the things that attract me generally about a girl is a flat tummy. That’s one of the 1st things I notice about any girl I come in contact with.

  6. First Attraction 4 me,he has 2 b 6″2 slim and dark,bulgy tummy! ask 4 my grandma,not application.

  7. I totally like this post. U go ghel… I m not so much of a tall dark and handsome guy woman anyway, but that’s not to say I want wowo boys o, pls. Basic for me is a guy that’s sensible plus make he still fine one kind join *wink*

  8. Well said my lady! And jus to add, I like a babe with flat tommy n nice moderate hips b4 I even look at her chest!

  9. Hmmm, wot an interesting topic.. No be small matta o *lol* well I like a pretty presentable looking chic (facially) den body wise a lil bit of d ass and boobs will do 4 me. A moderate looking lady, fine long legs, cute lips, lovely eyes den other attributes like her hair and gd sense of humour wld work 4
    me dats ol *wink*

  10. Hi! I’m glad to read this. It’s wonderful to find likeminded people. The law of attraction requires an effort to use when you are a newbie, but then it works! 🙂

  11. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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