DSC02016Except for very few people, every other person claims to have the best mother in the world. Everybody’s mum is the best cook in the world, she is the most caring and nicest, the most giving and understanding… and so on. While growing up, I usually had a problem with eating at someone else’s house mostly because my parents instilled it in me early on, the important value of contentment. I still hear my father’s words, “be contented with what you have”. Needless to say, it was from him I learnt that ‘big’ word even though I was very little at the time. The other reason I wouldn’t eat outside was because…OK I might as well admit it right now…it was because, frankly I didn’t think any other woman’s food tasted as good, let alone better than my mum’s. I should take this time (I think), to apologise to my friends (and their mums), neigbours, uncle’s wives, etc because now they know the real reason I wouldn’t eat at their houses.

Someone said something on Twitter the other day, that if everybody’s mum is the best, whose mums are the witches? Big question right? Lol well, during the weekend people the world over celebrated their mothers. As Kahil Gibran says, a mother is “…the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind”. Mothers are just these wonderful angels God put on earth for our benefit. Every culture, the world over appreciates mothers in their own way because all cultures are unanimous in how they feel about the importance of mothers and their role in the home and the larger society. To every growing child, it’s almost as if, their mum is perfect. She gives you food, she nurtures you, she takes care of you when you are ill or injured, she bathes you and combs your hair, when you fall asleep on the couch, just like magic, you discover you are lying on the bed. She would go hungry just for you to have food to eat. She would sell her stuff just so that you could pay for that school trip. I mean, who forgets all the things their mother did (and is still doing) for them? This Irish proverb is very precise when it says, “a man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest”.  Even as adults, we still go to our mums with our fears and concerns. When we suffer heartbreaks, our mums are there for us; never assuming, never judging. T. DeWitt Talmage defines a mother by saying she was (and is) “…the bank where we deposit(ed) all our hurts and worries”.

A mother is a valuable asset to the home and the society, she is physically responsible (so to speak) for populating the earth. Well, after the man has done his bit, that is.  She it is that molds the child and according to Napoleon Bonaparte, “the future destiny of a child is always the work of the mother”. Janet Mary Riley also notes that, “the role of a mother is probably the most important career a woman can have”. I can only imagine what it is like to have never had a mother or to have a strained relationship with one’s mother. Mothers are the best beings God ever created and every day I thank Him for mine. It is important to stress the importance of showing gratitude to mothers. Some people don’t take the time to appreciate their mothers; they take it for granted that they have one. They forget that many people didn’t grow up with a mother figure in their lives. Heck, many children lost their mothers when they were babies. Some are growing up in foster homes and would never truly know the joy of having their biological mothers around them.  Sadly still, others do not have their mothers with them anymore.

Mothers are in a class of their own and cannot be compared with anyone else.  Harmony Ferrario sums it up by these words, “a mother’s love is something we keep locked deep in our hearts, always knowing it will be there to comfort us”. You may think your mother is the best, yeah yeah, I get you. Seriously though, my own MOTHER is the best in the whole universe, mars and all!


17 thoughts on “WHOSE MOTHER IS THE BEST?

  1. When I was much younger, I never quite understood people’s attachment to their Mums and how close they were to them. I was the quintessential Daddy’s boy and would run to him after those football injuries boys are wont to get. However, when I grew up a bit, I realized the amount of sacrifices Mum made for me in the background.
    Needless to say, it was enlightening, and helped me improve my relationship with her. We still butt heads on the regular, and are probably not as close as some people, but I appreciate everything she’s done and the woman she is. And Dammit; she raised a fine young man, even if I do say so myself. 😉

  2. I’ve read your other posts and the truth is this is the most captivating piece you’ve written so far.. I think you’re growing as a writer and if you continue like this, you’ll be a great writer in a year or two….. Thanks for reminding of how Important my mum was, is and always will be. You did a great job with the quotes from other writer. Did really well to drive your points home…. Thank you very much

  3. In the factual sense, they (mothers) deserve more eulogies than words can describe. I call my mother my “first wife”. I don’t think one can ever have a woman as caring and loving as one’s mother. May God bless them for us. I must commend you on this lovely piece.

  4. Hmmmmmmmm, Mothers †ђξ best thing that God has created!quite a touching piece! weldone.

  5. Wow, firstly I will say a big well done to the person that compiled the article, she would have two 10,000 pages to write about mothers because they are the greatest gifts ever, some parents were good and still good to their children while some are nothing but some bunch of problems. I thank God for my mother because without her I don’t think I will be here today, and even those who have not been appreciating their mother, I think it’s set time to do so. Maybe you are coming bacl home from someone, enter an eatery; buy some plates of rice with fried chicken and a chilled apple juice, give it to her when you get home, try to do this every week or thrice in a month. Without you saying anything; she would know that you care about her and appreciate all she has done for you so far. Thanks for sharing this. Lovely article I must say.

    (Twitter: @snowall_dempo)

  6. Well put together. Gud job dear, do urslf a favour and dnt let this passion die. God bless U and the work of your hands IJN. Amen

  7. When I was younger,and I get sick,I displace my father and sleep with my mother in her own room.she will stay awake and make sure am feeling better round the night.my father will always say( leave my wife for me oooh)lol.till date I always want my mum around when ever I feel depresed or down, cos she alone knows what a childs pain can be at any given moment….mothers are rare Gem….

  8. You are really doing a greaat thing with your articles.keep it up and may God give u more wisdom.

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